Monday, 30 May 2011

Is Liyba worth it?

By September the bombing campaign on Libya will have cost us £2bn
With no clear end in sight there is need for us to look at this in a different way.

With the savage and immoral cuts to our defence budget (with increases in Aid budgets) our country is being worn down to a second rate power. With no aircraft carrier we will have little ability to export our might anywhere in the world.

We have two choices facing us now

1) Leave Libya. Show we can be beaten by a looney in a bunker in the desert. Give up the title "Great" and intergrate with the non-countries like Belgium.

2) Use Special Forces, SIS etc and show we are capable of removing key officials clinically. The SAS could assasinate Gaddafi if we actually wanted to, so we should do it.
Sure Dave will have to make a U-turn about his "boots on the ground" claim, but after his other U-turns it wouldn't be that interesting. This sort of action would make other dictatorial looneis stop and think about ignoring calls to stop (Mr Assad for example)

Just a thought...