Tuesday, 31 May 2011

ConHome and the Tory Right need to stand up to Cameron

On Monday I read another worrying article on the marginalisation of the Right in the Tory party on Conservative Home. These articles are becoming a regular affair on the Tory blog and yet no one will stand up to Cameron before it is too late.

David Cameron has abandoned Euro-scepticism, embraced the Climate Change scam, relaxed on "prison works" and destroyed much of what the party of Thatcher stood for.
Many of us will sit back and bear this because we are in government (well kindof) But this could well be the death knell of true Conservatism.
Tim Montgomerie as ConHome Editor has done an excellent job curating the blog but he now needs to act.
The Conservative Party is in serious danger of becoming another Centrist socially democratic party of the Left. Cameron must be curtailed one way, or another